“I am often asked about how the design process works…”

  • Usually we start with a wish list: more privacy, a patio, pool or space for sports activities. Lifestyle and architecture inform the process, but the landform and available sunlight will direct the shape things take.

  • ….As always it’s about listening and understanding how to balance needs, lifestyle, and tastes with existing site conditions and budget.

  • After existing conditions are assessed, a concept is created that optimizes space while creating beautiful rooms and views. A Master Plan that allows for the comfortable flow of people, cars and pets is created with continuous client feedback.

  • Landscape construction can be a daunting spectacle. Earth literally moves, as equipment and crews shift from demolition to refashioning the landform.

  • Grades are established, drainage is installed, hard surfaces and walls are built as the design begins to take visible form.

  • Mierop Design operates a proprietary nursery that houses many unique shrubs and perennials specified in the designs.

  • Soil preparation, planting, mulching and irrigation signal the end of the construction phase.

  • Exterior decorating adds finishing touches – outdoor furniture, containers, ornaments and other decorations are stylish and make outdoor living comfortable and fashionable.

  • Finally, every landscape needs seasonal care. Our Landscape Guild gardeners understand proper pruning, staking, plant care as well as troubleshooting disease and insect issues. They also install annuals, seasonal bulbs and specialize in creating container displays. They help keep your new investment at its best.